Brick Material Help Please

Hi, Everyone. I’m after a tileable brick material that would suite my buildings for the city that I am building for my level. Something that would suite this building

At the moment I’m using the brick texture from the cave demo. I’ve tried making textures and I’m hopeless at it and they don’t look any good. If someone has a material I can use please let me know. my building is modular and put together in blueprints so the material looks tiled.

The look I am after is something medieval’ish as this is a VRMMORPG fantasy game. anything that Italian or European would be good. and if your bricks are uneven like some stick out and some are set in that would be better. This city building I want it all brick (large).

Also does anyone know how to make the glass look like smoke glass. meaning I want it to look like glass but hard to see inside, because you can’t enter the buildings and I don’t want to add furniture because that will add more poly’s and more work. but when it goes night I want to have windows illuminated to make it look lived in.

Any help would be appreciated.

  1. make sure to take a look at the brick materials from the starter content + when the texture doesnt look good, just download one from here:
  2. I think somewhere in the starter content you can find a glass material which you can use for your windows. Otherwise take a look at this thread: :slight_smile: