On a line trace break results there is a output pin that says Phys Mat.
When hovering over it it says that bReturnPhysicalMaterial must be set to true for this to be returned.
Where can I do this?

I know it was a while ago but I found your thread while trying to work it out myself. I got it working, well with projectile hit events, pretty sure it will work the same with what you’re querying.


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I had the same issue!

Thanks guys!

Am I the only one who can’t see the complete answer?

No SouCrasse, you aren’t the only one. It appears that the post included a png file, but the link is broken. I am reporting this to the higher ups to see if there is a way for the link to be restored.

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We’ve refreshed this on the backend, so the image has been restored—thanks for the report!

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