Breast Collide with Hand - Help

Hi all,

i trying breast collide with hand , i have animation where hand go on breast and i need breast collide with hand, i try poser driver, anim dynamics and bone driven, i need controll bone According to specific pose. Or mayeb how to control bone by two bones in specific pose. I attach screen.


How about editing the physics asset? If you’ve got bones you can add physics bodies, then you should be able to accomplish it using the new rigid body node in the anim graph.

Such lovely attention to detail, what kind of game are you making?

But yeah best way (I have tried so far) is to setup the phat stuff for physical animation component or rigidBody and then just run that.
Problem is I found that breast physics look way better with the animDynamics system than with PHAT so what I have been thinking about is to manually animate those types of collisions in maya, that way they will look a lot better.

Physics and dynamics don’t good solve, because breast morphing, and I need breast driven after bone arm, but o ndt know how to set two bone driver and breast driven, tahank for help

I believe you can use phat and animdynamics same time with morphs but you can set bone driver 2 times in a row