Breaking Wheel Early Access On Steam Now!

Yep, we crazy.

Saw one of your other posts. Pretty slick and entertaining looking game. I like the “character creation”. Hope it does wheel!

At least you didn’t have to spend too much on characters animations :smiley: game looks funny, I think that it’s pretty good deal for 7 euros. Also, you have 100% of positive reviews. It doesn’t count that it’s only one review :smiley:

Haha it’s 3 reviews but steam recently cucked indie devs by not allowing steam key reviews to be legit on the front page. They did it because one or two people made tons of accounts and gave themselves tons of keys, so they punished anyone with a kickstarter etc who gives out keys for external funding as their fans reviews will not show anymore :frowning:

I’m currently double checking modding creation and going to do a video here soon, had some setbacks early on but seems 4.14 cleared up some of the idiocy, so anyone should be able to make their own levels soon.

Oh and to note the cool thing with using the Infinity blade assets was we pulled them out into max etc and basically learned how to do animations and merge and blend from that. The entire thing was to self teach as much as we could and that asset pack is worth it’s weight in gold if you got the get up and go to just see how it’s all done. We are looking forward to finishing this off so we can move on to something original with all the knowledge we gained :slight_smile:

Game got a decent update, pretty much all things stable so time to work on the last of the levels.