Breaking Physics Contraints - Vehicle Template

Want to share this setup for creature dismemberment including effects. Is is body part based and all parts can be dismembered including PEGI18 effects. Should help some developers here to get the game going.
The project includes everthing ready to use as blueprints. Basic controls are set up.
I hope this one draws the attention of the UE4 audience :slight_smile:

trying. report back later :3

Cool Thanks!

Ok I’m really confused this is the vehicle project you shared in another thread?

Wheres the dismemberment?

Demo project == where is dismemberment functionality? -> rudimentary vehicle integration -> Demo project is useless

well, does it not fit my description? Set joints to breakable. Can you not see the dismembered zombie charging at you when you see doggy car rolling. This is UNREAL!

Nice Physics :slight_smile:
This is one of this things, i can look at, but will never understand.

I can’t find any zombie in this archive, there’s a palm tree mesh.
I had to spend about 30 minutes going through it just to find pretty much the same thing as your vehicle project.

I have never used a joint breaking mechanism.
I always just broken the models before rigging into individual sections to combine at run time, sharing the skeleton.

If I want to dismember a model I would swap any relevant meshes and then spawn the gibs.
This obviously leads to quite a complicated character pipeline.
So I’m interested if anyone is using other approaches, but I didn’t find anything in your upload.

It’s great if you want to share anything like this, but you would need to provide some explanation to go with it as the project is not organized in a way that avoids anyone wasting time digging through it.

You say English is not your native language in other posts, most people are willing to accommodate that on some level, but maybe your lack of command for the language is making you come across in quite an impolite way to us native speakers as a result, it certainly is confusing to me following your activity.

I’ll clarify that last comment into: I don’t know what you’re talking about most of the time.

Don’t ya worry, no need to clarify.

It is all about giving people a head start who are not familar with game physics, how to set it up, how to drive joints, what settings to use and so on.

To everyone with the desire to dismember people or zombies, and who actually downloaded the file with that in their mind, do not listen to me. Seriously, do not listen to me. I do not want to be involved in this weird first person shooter zombie world. You have to realize, that this is not a normal state of mind. Gaming can be so much more than this shrink worthy stuff.

What <removed> is wrong with u? The only person right now who has a unnormal state of mind is you… If u have nothing worth to contribute or to add then <removed>.

No reason to be unfriendly!

The vehicle is pretty cool more info on how exactly you set it up would be great

I came here hoping to find info on dismemberment for a non-zombie game I have in mind. I thank Triplelexx for his take on the design. I figured this is how I’d be doing it also.

As for this thread, There unfortunately doesn’t seem to be anything new in the way of designing such a feature as it would appear the OP just used it as a header to get attention and plug an existing demo file. Shouldn’t a moderator lock or delete this thread?

Hi everyone,

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I am altering the thread name to reflect that the project displays physics constraints breaking as opposed to a skeletal mesh breaking. I checked the project to be certain there was something that does utilize constraints which can be broken via the details pane, which does occur on the vehicle in the project. If I have been unclear or if anyone would like to discuss this privately, please send me a private message and I will respond as soon as possible.