Breaking Bad Cabin

This is NOT my work - I just came across this video didnt see it posted in the UE4 forums so i thought i would share, think this is the best looking scene i have seen in UE4 yet, absolutely amazing.

PolyCount thread from the creator -


Great find CharlestonS! Very cool to see one of my favorite shows in UE4.

Hey guys! Thanks for the kind words ^^. I’ve finished the scene now, so I thought I’ll share the new video and screenshots here:


Don’t want to spam the post with pictures, so feel free to visit my portfolio for more screens -

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Awesome work! I didn’t think there was any room for improvement but it looks even better in this final version.

Quick Question - How did you manage to get the perfect micro movement of the camera in the opening shot while the scene was coming into focus?

Thanks man! If you mean the slight camera shake at the start, I actually did it in After Effects using the Wiggler :slight_smile: could have probably done it using Matinee, but it was quicker this way and I didn’t feel like making changes to the matinee and re-rendering the shot for a small detail like that :smiley:

Looks awesome man!
I rly like the material definitions!

Would love to make some FX for this scen! ^^

Nice !!!
It remembers me this great whow !

Ahh, ok, i’ve used AFX for that effect before, it worked great for this scene.

Hey, I contacted you via email :slight_smile:

Amazing work,
Do you plan on releasing it?
I personally would love to see some of your material and texture work, your use of interior surfaces was amazing the sort of thing I don’t see much of it felt very natural and solid.

Amazing! Great job!

Very well done!
Compliments to the creator :wink: