Hi all!

This is my Final Major Project that I worked on alongside several other talented individuals during my studies!


In break; you step into the shoes of someone who has the power to move freely between different realities and to manipulate the fabric of the universe. Each reality is governed by different unbreakable laws, and mastering these laws is necessary in order to progress.

A tragic, story-based psychological adventure, with puzzle-solving Gameplay and an Abstract-Glitch aesthetic. break; is an inquiry into escapism and mental health in video game form. Designed to be a moving, personal experience, we limited our reliance on explicit narrative.

The break; prototype, featured in the video above, was my final major project at university. It was built at Bournemouth under supervision and guidance from Boredomresearch. In June it was displayed at the 2016 British HCI conference. It was given a co-creation award which included money to aid development, and Bournemouth University awarded the prototype best Interactive experience at the end of the academic year. The project’s extended abstract has been published on the online eWic and ACMrepositories and can be read here.

I led the project and did the level design, a large portion of the environment art, technical art and blueprints. My teamates were:

**Vitor Rodrigues: 3D Artist, modelling, texturing, concept artist

Robert Poncelet: Technical Director, Programming, Production Assistant

Graham Donnelly: Audio Designer

Laimonas Vokietis: Composer
We would love to hear feedback, suggestions and overall thoughts on the game, which is currently in a half finished state :slight_smile:


Best Wishes,

Good job man :smiley:

Cool concept, So is each different reality is tied to a different mental state? made me think of this i saw recently I Illustrated Mental Illness And Disorders For Inktober | Bored Panda

Thanks! and thanks, that’s some really interesting artwork in the link you posted. Very creepy!

It’s along those lines, each reality represents a different period of the protagonists life. He is delusional, and the player explores a kind of dream world that takes on the tropes of different kinds of videogames that reflect his mental state at that time.