Break up large map

Hi I’ve been working on adding content into a desert map I bought. The more meshes I add into the map the worse performance gets. The plan was always to learn more about level streaming when the time comes which is now but the problem is I can’t find any info on how to break up a map that has already being created for level streaming. My question is how would I break up the below map which is about 2 x 2 km into many pieces so I can stream each part when the player gets near the next part of the map to be loaded?

I want to break the map up something like the below picture.

Is your problem landscape elements or static actors that are on the landscape?

Maximum performance with World Composition and Level Streaming on large and very large maps is achieved by disabling the streaming distance. Then using blueprint level streaming loading in the level blueprint which would involve some BP coding to setup the conditions on when to load a piece of the map (that is something that should be possible to do even after having populated the whole map with assets)

Actors on the landscape. For ewxample the more houses I put in the map the lower the frames drop.

But wouldn’t I still need to break up the map up into multiple chunks like I show in the picture above? That’s the problem I’m having. Not setting up the level streaming but breaking a map up into separate chunks. I can’t seem to find anything that goes over that or are you saying I don’t need to break the map into chunks?

For a small 2km x 2km you should’t have any performance issue even without using level streaming and/or world composition. You still can split the map with level streaming Stream Sublevels with Level Streaming Volumes | Unreal Engine Documentation

I’m using it for VR which means I need to hit at least 90 fps but now with the last house I put in the map it dropped down to around 30 fps. I did take a look at the guide and it does say “we have split the level up into the interior space and the end patio with pillars overlooking the ocean.” but it doesn’t seem to go over how you split the map into two maps. It says "As part of the setup, we have two levels, SunTemple_Persistent and SunTemple_Streaming. " and it shows the two maps/levels here
I only have one thats my problem. How do I take a map that is whole and just one level and break it up into many levels that I can stream?

Disagree. World composition is the way to go on big maps.
But you should split your map into multiple layers, ie:

  1. Landscape layer which have highest streaming distance.
  2. Background props, which have big streaming distance.
  3. Close up layers, which have low/medium streaming distance.

After it, use manual streaming.

I do realize that current world composition tools are PITA to work with and there is no hierarchical streaming (ie, stream object only when parent is already loaded), but for big open world, it is still bet option.

So if I understand you right I don’t really have to break up my map into chunks. I can have just the one map but split it into layers. How do I choose/split parts of the map to be a layer. Is there any doc that goes over this. I believe the above doc requires you to have more than one map so you can stream it as a seperate layer.

Here are docs:

My advices:

  1. Create separate folder for your level and inside this folder create your persistent level, which will be always loaded.
  2. Inside this folder create folder which will contain sub levels which will be streamed.
  3. Always keep Persistent levels in separate folders when using world composition, as it works by discovering all levels in the same/subfolders relative to persistent level.

Ok I think this is what I’m looking to do. I’m at work so I can’t test it right now. When you say create a sub folder that contain sub levels that will be streamed do you mean the sub level that this action will create?
or is this sub levels that I would create for things like meshes like houses and so on?

> My question is how would I break up the below map

If you want to break the landscape in pieces you can use Move to level feature in landscape mode.

That also sounds like another way I could go. Are there any docs that go over how to do this?

You have to search for docs. I don’t know it very well.

Basically, for each tile you would create a new level and then move a part of a landscape and the actors on this part to this new level. Then you use something like world composition to stream all this. You move parts of the landscape using landscape mode -> manage. And you move actors simply with selecting them then clicking on the level in levels window then choosing “move selected to level”.

Thank you.