Break up C++ Programming forum

I was thinking that given the activity in the C++ forum it would be much better to break it up based on skills (beginners, medium, advanced) or by area of interest (gameplay, rendering, audio, animation, physics, tools, and systems). I think the mix of people with little or no C++ skills, to more advanced people trying to make complex changes makes it hard to contribute.

The idea isn’t to segregate the community, after all everybody will have access to view and post on any forum, is just that is hard to contribute when there are a ton of threads of different skills and areas of interest.

What do you think?

It will hopefully settle down a bit in after a while.
That said, a beginners & advanced section is not a bad idea.
It’d be easier for newbies to see find related beginner topics, without the need to sift through daunting topics about custom movement components, physics and rendering.
Conversely, you’d end up with a less cluttered thread on more difficult topics.
Could help.

Considering low activity of C++ i don’t see point of it

At the time I’m of this reply, the C++ forum has the third highest in post counts & equal third number of threads.
Not exacly ‘low’ :slight_smile:

Yeah but you can see threads from whole day in one page.

At this moment, the split is not really needed, its not big enough, but this will keep growing, and people will start asking “harder” questions, and that is the moment when this should be split into Begginer and Advanced C++ forums. But at this moment is small enough to handle just fine in 1 forum

Prevention is better then cure? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

I checked the forum early in the morning, I went to work and when I came back there were 22 new or updated threads. I would consider that enough, but that might be because I’m not the kind of person that could keep up with forums the size of NeoGAF.

I just wanted to say thanks for adding an engine forum which is separate of the C++ gameplay forum.

Actually, this way worked perfectly for the last forums programming section, so I suppose there won’t be any split in the near future. Also, actually, everyone would end up searching thhrough all the forums. And if people wouldn’t, who would help the beginners?

I don’t think the forums should be labeled Beginner, Expert, etc. because I think its actual intend would be overshadowed by a sense of elitism ,and also nothing would stop some from posting questions in the wrong areas. I think majority of question right now are C++ concept questions and perhaps we could make a sticky with concepts beginners should know maybe labeled " New to C++ Programming? Read me first " I do however love the area of interest sub-section idea.

Who would want to post in a section that is basically labeled “noobs here”?

Alternatively, how would you know what skill level someone needs to answer your question?

Ehm, guys, what are you talking about? Noobs and elitists? Wtf?
There is obvious distinction between basic and advanced stuff - it will be much easier to find answers to your questions if you have more appropriate audience.

People like me who ARE noobs…?
Posting in that section is likely to get me significantly easier to understand responses.

I’m seriously disappointed that people are concerned about the idea that elitism might pop up, and using it as a reason to dismiss a great idea. That’s usually something i see on forums about playing games, not about creating them. I would also think that the maturity level here would be high enough that elitism would be rare / shunned. The nature of these forums combined with the higher average age means it’s likely not going to get plagued with self absorbed elitist 13 year olds.

As its now its pretty useful, we have Gameplay C++, and Engine C++. I dont think further separation is useful. What its sure that needs separation is the recruitment forum, to separate nonpaid/royalty projects from paid/freelancers.

Gameplay/Engine separation is good.
Perhaps have a guideline in that section that recommends tagging posts with [BEG] [INT] or [ADV]