Break skeletal mesh after breaking constraint

I am trying to do a simple dismemberment system.

On hit get bone name - break constraint. The bone falls perfectly but the mesh stays attached the mesh stretches and deforms to always stay attached.

Any ay to break the bone from the mesh?


Hopefully somebody can help cause this is really cool. Maybe a plug-in or something

For any dismemberment you need your whole character to be set up for it with a split mesh.

If using mr mannequin you would take it to blender, edit the mesh and separate by loose parts.

Then you could import the parts one at a time associated with the same skeleton.

Then in the character BP you would recombine the parts.

And you need to sync up the animation between all the meshes.

Then, obviously, once you dismember you can disable the sync of the animation and maybe replace the mesh with a different bloody version after some kind of particle effect to hide the switch. Or spawn a decal. Depends on what you are going for.

Many tutorials out there on how to stitch parts together and sync them. Look those up and you should be able to get it rolling :slight_smile:

Ps: ita a bit performance intensive, but if fortnite can run on mobile with a fully blinged character this shouldn’t really affect performance at all.

Thanks for a definitive no. It forced me out of my comfort zone and into blender. I will. Just select and delete get it working based on your feedback. So thanks!

For anyone else with this issue this is how I handled it.
tutorial to separate objects in blender. There is one on YouTube that is only two minutes long. I separated the head, saved the dhead as it’s on model and imported into unreal. It was actually pretty easy.

Made the head a bp. When character head hit I “hide bone” head and spawn head BP. This works in my case because I don’t need to separate entire from there if you get creative you will achieve your dismemberment goals.

After exporting the model into blender I had some issues with bones just select and delete. Then there was an issue where blender didn’t recognize imported object as main object right away. Had to hit tab repeatedly or something like that.

check this:

For a 20 sec. split of the mannequin, export any animation of the mannequin or your character rigged/re-targeted to the epic skeleton with LODs.
In each LOD, select it, go into edit mode, and press P - click separate by loose parts.
The mannequin might split (should) lengthwise across the middle.
You just click the 2 segments and CTRL J to join them back.
Be aware that there are a few pieces on the mesh like the inter-costal or the neck that are comprised of many parts rather then just 2. It takes a min to sorer them back to the correct section.
Once done you can save this as a master file, and start exporting.

Don’t touch the bones, eliminate just anything but the body part you need.
Export as FBX and import back into UE4 - associate with the existing mannequin skeleton/epic skeleton.

that’ll get you started - you can even separate the fingers if you need. lots of meshes = more sync required.

Hi friend, I was wondering if you could help me. I’m trying to do what the OP is doing, and I’m trying to do it this way. for some reason, when I click on separate, the only thing that happens is a lot of mini LOD files are created. I don’t really know blender but Ill be glad if you’ll help me, thanks!

Blender does not create files.
Perhaps you need to learn how to use blender a little.

[quote=“MostHost_LA, post:7, topic:130030”]

Blender does not create files.
Perhaps you need to learn how to use blender a little.[/QUOTE]

My bad, I’ve found the LOD files you mentioned, and seperated by loose parts. but when I use it, break constraint doesn’t seem to do anything. am I doing something wrong?

I never mentioned anything about Break Constraint?

IF you worked the mesh, re-imported it with all it’s separate parts - re-composed it in the editor, and properly created a modular mannequin, then Break Constraint in PHAT will cause the part to separate.

yeah, I can export separated bones of the mesh and re-import them to UE, I was wondering if it was possible to sort of import them to a single skeletal mesh so they can easily get separated after Break Constraint. If it is possible, please let me know how. thank you!

Re-read what I wrote.
You do NOT need to separate the bones in Blender. In fact, doing so just invalidates all of it.

Do you have any video I can use? I can’t really understand what to do.

Bump Hi there any video or tut how to do it?

The dismembered mesh/limb must be weight painted 100% in its respective bone. To ensure this, you may have to delete all other vertex groups from the “gibbed” mesh/limb. For example, in Blender, if you want to dismember a left forearm, go to edit mode, select all faces of the left forearm, press “Y” and assign 100% to the vertex group of the left forearm bone. Now, if you go to Weight paint mode, the entire left arm will be red (no green, yellow, light blue etc which causes the stretching).

Tried everything what was mentioned here without success…Maybe i miss something,Without video or screens will be hard to figure it out. Really look for an tutorial in blender nad UE how to handle stretching issue on and how import and export right way. I did evetyhing in ue like here…nel=KaiYoshida but guy from tutorial just rename elements which cause stretch i woul like to prepare my manequinn or another model to be ready for dismember all parts by break constrain -

Ive found solution - stretch happens without delay node (0.03 sec solves it) it’s sad but works LOL and thanks to great guy which made this video…nel=CodeLikeMe