Break post process settings into separate nodes for each effect

Having one giant settings node is really unwieldy, I have to scroll for five minutes to find the parameter I want. It would be so much easier if I could just drag a pin from a post process volume, type “film” and get a settings node for that effect.

Hi Honaj,

This is a known issue and has been requested a few times before. Currently we have it on our UE4 Trello Board to be addressed in the future. Apologies for the unwieldy nature of that one. :confused:


That’s great to hear, and I apologize for the redundant thread.

Hi honaj,

for the meantime just add a new postprocess volume to your character with the settings you want. Then just set enabled to true/false as you need.
Saves a lot of scrolling until we have a better blueprint support for it.
had the same problem, can feel with you :slight_smile: