Break Points Getting Excessively Triggered

Hey! I was trying to use UE4 on Windows 8 with VS2013 Community, however whenever I did anything in the editor it would trigger a breakpoint, however I couldn’t delete all break points as that option was grayed out, implying there were no break points. It happens with every C++ template. using 4.6 btw

Your description is really vague. The first thing that I would recommend is looking for information about setting and removing break points in visual studio, as it has nothing to do with the unreal editor. And when it hit the break point you can simply click on the red dot on the left to remove it, rinse and repeat.

Hello, it is possible to trigger breakpoints entirely from the C++ code (see, so you’re probably just breaking some assertions. Are you building UE from source or are you using the binary release?

And when they are triggered, the program has to be running, so did you start the editor by starting your development editor build of your game?
If so, close the editor and remove all breakpoints and then restart it normally from the launcher.

Are you pressing F12 by any chance?

I’m using the binary release, would it be better for me to build from source?

There are no break points in the code.