Break destructible mesh with Apply Damage

I have been working on a RPG game and i need help with Destructible Meshes:

I have a blueprint for the weapon, when the character attack, a event is called on the weapon and it creates a MultiSphereChannel to apply damage to all actor inside:

My problem is: How can i use this setup to destroy a destructible mesh (the Pew i hit in this example)? I tried to add force at hit location but didnt work so i have no idea how to do it…

If someone face the same problem, i “fixed” it by:

1 - Creating a actor to insert the destructible mesh

2 - On event “Any Damage” set the simulation of the mesh to true

Like this the object will break on receiving damage.

Also, it is so sad that no one took 2 minutes to help me, i expected more from the community.

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The answers on these forums are slow. Try discord it’s quite fast in responding.

if u can explain more i would appreciate it because i have the same problem.
thanks in advance.