Breached – adventure with glitches and narrative puzzles

Hi guys! I’d like to share the game we’re working on for 1,5 year now.
It’s called Breached.


So, Breached is a sci-fi adventure with drone flights, resource gathering and narrative puzzles.
Being urgently awakened from hibernation in 2245, you find only desert around.
Your shelter damaged, oxygen is low. Lifesaving system reserve: 192 hours.
In order to fix your shelter and find out what happened,
you must explore the desert, gather resources,
dig into broken journal data.

Project started as Unity prototype at local game jam. After receiving positive feedback,
we decided to go down the rabbit hole and push the project towards release.

Screenshot 640.jpg

Our team consists of 5 people and we work remotely. Remote work has some benefits.
As Ian Thomas from Frictional Games once wrote:
“You can play your own music. You can garlic-flavoured snackes” :smiley:

Screenshot 640x360.jpg

So, the next step is going to Greenlight this winter.
We also submitted for Unreal Dev Grants and going to run demo playtest soon.
Ping me if you’re interested to join! :slight_smile:

Breached 640x360.jpg

Also, check out our Site
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Aaaand we also have Twitter

Thanks for your time! Waiting for your comments. :slight_smile:
P.S: Since we’re not natives, it’s difficult to avoid grammar and spelling mistakes.
Any polishing advices appreciated!


Wow! the video startup stresses me, if it was the goal, congratulations.

I love the interface, digital, simply and clear.

The game or gamemode reminds me to Oblivion the movie.

Best of luck :wink:

Sorry for being stressed, but yeah, it was our initial intention. :slight_smile:
Oblivion the movie is cool when talking about design of certain things.
Especially I like sound design of the drones.

I like the art style a lot and especially the concept of mars/desert planet combined with alien artifacts. Using a drone to navigate is a nice difference. I notice you’ve changed the year and amount of time to survive since the trailer.

Thank you! We like the motto from “Blame!” manga – “Maybe on Earth, maybe in Future”.
So, the chance of this deserted planet to be Earth is 70%. :slight_smile:
On the year: it’s a little mistake of ours. We shot a few frames from the old build. :smiley: