Brand New To Unreal Engine - How To Reset Editor Preview Of Project?


Going through a fantastic tutorial purchased on udemy:

Our first question if the following:
How do we reset Unreal Engine editor’s preview of the open project?

Please see attached screenshot.

EDIT # 1: If we right-click on items in “World Outliner” we can select: “Focus Selected” which sort of does what we need…

What do you want to reset on the viewport? That’s your scene itself, you can fly around while holding the right mouse button.

Do you mean to reset it to the initial perspective view of the camera when the project was first created? I’m not sure there’s a setting for. If there is, search for it in Project Settings and Preferences, even looking in the keyboard shortcuts and such. It might be a console command, which when opened is searchable. Open the console with ~ / ` and type in ‘r.’ to get all the commands in a navigable list.