Brand new to UE4 help! :P

So like the title says I’m new to UE4 and I’m having a bit of a problem I’ve tried lots of things but so far none have helped. So basically I wanted to make a simple world loader for going through doors and I thought I had set it up right as it does load levels. The problem that I’m having is that on key press it loads the level even when I haven’t collided with my trigger box?! when I first set it up I had no user input and it worked fine only loading the new level when I collided with the trigger box so it must be a problem with the way I set up the input?

Any help would be much appreciated thanks in advance this is my first post also.

Per Screenshot provided, the E Key will fire off whenever pressed, executing the Open Level function. Assuming that you want the E Key to only be *active during overlap, a Gate BP Node may be useful. I would also add Do Once Node to ensure its only fired once, until reset.


Awsome thankyou very helpfull I’ll give that a try. I thought that it only looked for the key press whilst I was in the trigger box obv not like you said thanks.

Slight problem

Thanks for the help I appreciate it greatly but there’s a slight problem with it and I’m not sure why. It seems to be fully functional but for some reason the level only loads once you step back out of the trigger after you have pressed E. Also it wont let me connect to the do once node as it just breaks the link to the gate apparently you can only have one ling per that node?

NVM got it to work I missunderstood how gates worked in UE4 I was thinking in electronics as if it was a switch where closed would be on and open would be off it’s the other way round closed is off and open is on then the E press goes in enter as it’s the action.
I uploaded an image to show you thanks for all the help sorry to bother you so often but it works now :slight_smile: expect to see my face round here a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

Think I found a fix for the do once is it ok to do it this way as it works. Also how can I select a specific player spawn and rotation so that it doesn’t go straight to the begin level spawn?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

If it works… it works. How to assign player to a specific player start.

Another way, perhaps not as elegant would be to set a boolean variable after both the over laps. Upon overlap set to 1, upon exit set to 0. Then after your E input trigger, Get the value of that boolean, if its 1 then move on to next node, if its 0 do nothing.

Thanks I did something similar but I don’t know how to reference or set specific spawn locations. I’ve set up a variable Int in the level blueprint that stores a number that I set on begin overlap with my trigger box and subtracts that same number at the end of load so I can identify different doors but I just don’t understand how I can reference different spawns ATM I just spawn to the default level spawn location.

This is what I’ve got so far but I’m quite lost after this where’s an if statement when you need one can’t figure this visual scripting out :frowning:


Look for the branch node