Brand new to the scene looking for any kind of help.

I have been playing disc golf for that majority of my life. We have waited and waited and waited for a AAA disc golf title and its becoming abudantly clear this is never going to happen. I have set out to try and design my own title. I took javascipt in highschool 15 years ago and have no idea about developing a game. My biggest problem with going to college for a carrer move like this is taking years of pointless classes that have nothing to do with the actual development of my developer skills. Is there anyone or any classes anyone knows of that can get me going. It seems pretty simple, there are plenty of golfing games out there which would be an awesome identical script to those, the designing of the courses, seems to be relatively simple. Seeing as I have some progress there, but as for the layout and functioning parts of the game I have no idea where to even start.

Start Unreal Engine, place a basic cylinder in a new project level of the 3rd person shooter template or 1st person shooter template, and then put a sphere in the level…squish it to a flat disc, and then look up how to get the player character to throw it. It’ll involve learning the physics, collision, attaching to the hand and releasing with an animation (can do it at first without an animation), and how create blueprints for the different actions and aspects of playing disc golf. I’d play a disc golf game. It doesn’t require going to college, though that would’ve helped somewhat at least. In fact, I’m interested in working on such a game too. So, if you want to try creating the different aspects, and I’d be willing and able (timewise) to help, then we could potentially create it faster. But if you prefer to create it alone, then I understand, and am around to help when able.