Brand new to modding but when ever I try to access things it crashes please help


I know I’m probably missing something and hoping someone can help out I have loaded the dev kit on 2 different computers and when I got in to setup some folders for my mods and attempt to copy default mod files into a new folder and or access them where they are the dev kit freezes and I have to force close it.

Can someone please help me resolve this as I’m currently stuck without an ability to even dabble in mod making

Just leave it.

It will do it every time you open the DevKit. It’s just part of how it works.


umm that makes no sense I cant use the dev kit if it freezes and force closes when I try to make basic actions to interact with it?

You stated you are the one force closing the DevKit, if you are, don’t. You’ll never get anywhere then.

It will freeze multiple times when you try to do various things for the first time, after this similar actions are usually instant.

The DevKit freezing is not actually a freeze, it locks itself while it loads things into memory. Open task manager and you’ll see.


how long do you usually wait for it to respond? as the videos I have watched are instant and in my situation it just completely freezes for minutes at a time and that when I have been closing it on both my systems

I am trusting in your wisdom on this one and I appear to be making progress so thank you. can you give me a rough idea of how long it takes for you to get into the test worlds? as I am monitoring the task manager as I wait and can see it still doing stuff but it is quite extensive… I am not used to this kind of pausing as in past experience you would have some form of loading visual.


It entirely depends on the various performance aspects of your machine(s).

The hard drive is the biggest factor to loading things into memory, SSD’s clearly benefit the DevKit mostly in that scenario.

When it comes to loading assets within the DevKit that need to be rendered(meshes, textures, animations, etc) the CPU performance is the impact here.

When I load the DevKit on my workstation, any action is completed within seconds as that machine runs two six-core Xeons and an SSD RAID array whereas the same actions on the machine I’m resorting to use lately can take several minutes.


thanks for getting back to me totally makes sense as painful as it is sometimes… now on to the headaches of trying to do things in the dev kit that seem impossible… like boost dino health regen… lol