Brand new in UE.

Firstly, I want to say apologize, because my English is not too good.
Secondly, I am brand new in Unreal Engine (4) and modelling. I’ve decided to create a simple game for mobiles firstly, but later, if we will be better, maybe try to create bigger projects for other platforms too. My biggest problem is, that I downloaded Unreal Engine 4. I think it is very usefull and easy to use, however my friends sais, that Unity is much better for mobiles… Well, propably it is truth now, but what will be in the future? I mean, I’ve read some topics and articles which said, Unreal wants to increase its abilities for mobiles. I’m trying to say them, that we use UE4, but I don’t know. I haven’t found full tutorials about mobiles with UE4 against Unity. I prefer UE4, but I don’t know… So, somebody can ask me for some of my questions?

  1. I saw a page. It said, that UE4 supports only a small group of GPU and mobile phones. Is it true?
  2. Perhaps could you tell me some (mainly) full video tutorials where creates games for mobiles?
  3. Could you tell me some things about UE4? I mean, how this company wants to increase its skills for mobile development and when? And some suggestions which game engine is better now? Because if we want to create a game for mobiles and if it will be cool, propably we want to continue and later create games for other platforms. In this case, definietly UE4 is much better choice. However, if we can’t create this game for mobiles, because it is much harder than in Unity (and just years later will be included a better support in UE4 for mobiles -> + we want to start this project on summer), and can’t do a very simple game on summer, we will propably stop it, because we will say: ‘It is much harder how we thought’.
    So, I don’t know. Please, if somebody can help me (maybe some of the developers of Unreal Engine :smiley: and say somethings about the future) in these questions, it would be really so cool.
    Thank you really so much,

Very old phones, that do not support 3D graphics in general, will not support Unreal Engine. They may also not support Unity3D.
Any modern Android or iPhone device should work just fine, assuming you build the correct content for a mobile form factor.

Is Unity “better”? That depends on what you mean by “better.”

If it really matters, build the same game in both engines, and figure out which one you like better.

Hi Jman1994,

As to what devices UE4 supports, here for instance is the Android Device Compatibility community wiki. It is by no means comprehensive, but what you can do is have a look at the devices that Epic/the community have definitely tested and added to this list, and extrapolate whether or not the device for which you wish to test will be supported by looking at the GPU. Here also is the documentation for Mobile Development using UE4, which gives you a good overview of what sort of limitations you will have to consider using UE4 to develop for mobile. Here also is our repository for general tutorial videos that can help you get started.

Now, as to Unity v. UE4, bear in mind you are on the UE4 forums so you’re likely to run into more people who naturally want to use UE4. That said, there has been some recent discussion on these forums about this very issue. Please seethis recent forum thread where there was some frank discussion about what engine someone developing for mobile would want to choose. You should consider deep diving into the Android and iOS forums and seeing what others have said in the past.

Ultimately, jwatte is correct. Only you will be able to make the choice of which engine you want to use by trying both and deciding which you like better. Luckily, there’s never been a better time to comparison shop for game development engines. Personally, I think you might reconsider the decision to begin your development with a mobile game, as mobile development adds an extra level of moving parts to the development life cycle. Other users with plenty of prior experience in UE4 that have moved to mobile development have mentioned that it can be frustrating.

However you decide to proceed, good luck out there!


All right and thank you so much:)