Branching Point Crash

I recently read a question regarding a freeze that occurs during montage creation in the 3rd Person Game tutorial with Blueprints.

I have the exact same issue, issue is with the Branching Points in the animation montage. I have followed the video instructions to the letter more than 5 times now, completely recreating the montage, but as soon as you add those branching points everything freezes as soon as the preview play track gets to it.

Of course, when you just open the editor and do a play test in viewport, everything is fine until you try to trigger that montage and it hangs. CTRL+ALT+DELETE … Try to go into montage, starts playing up to the first branching point and hangs. CTRL+ALT+DELETE… If I manage to go back into montage, and pause JUST BEFORE it hits that first branching point, then it is fine I can even change them back to QUEUE tik type, and then everything plays smoothely… But queue tick type isn’t a viable option for this tutorial, so I am stuck.

Any suggestions? Or is it a bug that needs to be sorted. I will attach the files that I am working with.There is only 1 Montage, the text

Thanx in advance.