Branching Exec Nodes?

Hello. How do you branch more than one Exec node? Basically, the “White” node that starts from just about every eventgraph has a “White” node to create from it. But it only allows a connection to one other event at a time. How do I break this so I can connect it to two events?

Basically I have a “Update Sun Direction” created from my BP_Sky_Sphere, and I want to to connect to a “Get All Actors of Class” from two different classes. But I can only connect to one at a time. Any suggestions?


If my understanding is correct, you just want one node to fire off two different events? You can use a “Sequence” node. Or you can just chain the nodes that need to be executed together. Basically exec -> event 1 -> event 2.

Sequence is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!!