Branches that lead to other branches causing problems

Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me with branches that lead to other branches. I have debugged my variables and everything is working as it should. The issue always happens for me when I have a TRUE/FALSE branch that leads directly to another TRUE/BRANCH.

Here is an example of my current setup:

The final events on the second TRUE branch don’t fire at all when the second branch is included, but they fire if I get rid of the second branch, despite both of those booleans equalling to true at the time. I know this because I have a constant print screen on those two booleans and they are both true. The issue always comes when adding a second branch.

Is there an issue with using two consecutive branches like this? If so, what else should I do?

I tried using a boolean + too, and strangely enough the same thing happened.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help!!

No, there should be no issues. Consider debugging it further. Disconnect the booleans, tick the boxes instead and see that it does work. Something might be setting *No Build Overlap *to *False *after you’ve printed it. You can right click pins and watch their values run-time - you may need to select an object instance in the debug filter for this to work.

Thanks. Your message made me question and debug. There was indeed an issue :smiley:

Lesson learnt: always doubt my assumptions!