Branch Point Track disappeared?

I’m using UE 4.7.0

I’ve been following tutorial “[Introduction to Third Person Blueprint game - 17 - Skeleton Retargeting and Montage Setup in UE4][1]”

But I cannot find ‘branch points track’ in my montage editor.

In the UE official document about “[AnimMontage][2]”, it explains that the last line in green box (numbered as 1) is the ‘branch points track’.

BUT. In my editor the third line is not showing. The picture bellow is screen shot of my editor. I deleted the montage file and create again it never shows up. What should I do to continue following the tutorial?

I see the same issue here using epic/master (4.8), Branch Point Track is missing?!

Not sure what happened either.

So, I went back to the source code and looked up AnimMontage in Persona.

Turns out Branching Point Track has been refactored back in November and is now part of Notifies Track. Thus to add a branch point right click on the Notifies Track, select Add Notify → New Notify, and give it a name.

Now this is important. Click on the newly selected block with the name you’ve given it and in the Details panel change it’s Montage Tick Type to Branching Point. Under slot you can select whichever slot it should apply to, if you have more than one, but in the tutorial example there’s just the default one so nothing to change.

For Trigger Weight Threshold I just left it at default, not sure how it impacts the branching.

Now if you go to your AnimBP Graph you will have the events available for the branching point(s) you’ve created.

On a side note, I think there should be a revision feature in the documentation, like a drop-down that one could select and get correct docs that actually apply to that engine version.

Referring to this lesson in particular (lesson 20): in the EventGraph for the CharacterAnimBP the speaker is inserting events MontageBranchingPoint_IsStillPunching1 and MontageBranchingPoint_IsStillPunching2, while with version 4.7 you should insert AnimNotify_IsStillPunching1 and AnimNotify_IsStillPunching2 events.

can not find Montage Tick Type in Details panel ;/

After creating a new notify, Tick Type is available here in the Details panel:

Thank you.That help a lot.