Branch Point Track disappeared in unreal engine version 4.83

Hi guys,
i am currently trying out third person blueprint game.
Everything is going smoothly until the “montage branch point” is required and it wasn’t there.
I try to follow the instruction as stated in No section to add branch points? - UE4 AnswerHub ,but to no avail ,the montage branch point is still not there.What should I do to continue following the tutorial?
Btw I am currently using unreal engine 4.83.

Thank you
:slight_smile: :confused:


This changed in 4.8 and now notifies and branching points are combined. If you add a new notify to the track and select it you should see “Montage Tick Type” in the details panel under the “Event” section, changing that to “Branching Point” will set that notify as a branching point. I’ve attached an image of the details panel showing the option.


Hope that helps!


Follow the updated tutorial.

Thanks guys .It works :slight_smile: