Branch Point Problem

I did an animation montage and it kinda works as I wanted. However, the only problem is the branch points. It checks in a specific place but i want it to check as long as the animation goes. My idle animation kinda is long and it does not check as the point passes before. Then i have to wait for it to check again until the animation loops.

Please help here.

I’m using state machines for my animations so maybe you will have to look into that.

Otherwise a “hack” could be to split up the idle animation into several smaller animations and link them.

Or do as RythmScript describes in post #4 on this thread:

I did the animation it works fine, I just need to expand when it asks the branch to see if it will hit.

That’s not how a Branching Point works.

A “Branching Point” is so-named because the notify is synchronous, meaning it doesn’t get queued to the Notify stack for that frame (or however Notifies are queued). It triggers IMMEDIATELY upon a specific anim time being reached.

It isn’t necessarily for BRANCHING, as in making an animation branch to others.

To have a notify check any point in a specific animation, you can use a Notify State; this is a Notify with a duration which Ticks. So it can perform some operation every Tick.

But there are probably better ways; for example, you say “when I transition back to idle”. If Idle is a State in your State Machine, rather than checking every Tick of the anim, you can use the Event that the State Machine fires on Entered State. This way, no matter what, as soon as the Idle state is entered, you will get a Notify which fires.

If I knew exactly what you were trying to accomplish I could probably be more help, sorry…

I will show you, it is something like this. See my idle animation is long. I am checking in a branch point if i am this variable on or off. If that variable is off it stays and loops. If it is on then it moves to section two, It checks it again and if it is on again it moves third. Something like this. The only problem is the idle animation being that long. So it does not check if that variable is on or off.

I do with montage because i like it and it is not so complicated that i would make a mistake in. I do not want to use state machine because I have to create lots of variables to use transitions that I just do not know how to do.

I have not watched it in detail, but maybe the answer is in some of these videos:

I have followed that already sir to achieve this montage.

I’m curious about montages myself, so post if you find the answer.

I looked a little and found 2 nodes that could be of interest:

Call them from Event Graph

Can you guys adress me some tutorials about state machines please?

He covers uses of state machine too.

If there is something specific you don’t get thenfeel free ask.

I’m using them and they work fine:

Something too look out for with them is that transitions are set to blend for 0.2 seconds by default, and the special case when you go to an other state and then go back before the blending is complete, will cause the state not to be reset.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: