Branch nodes and gamepad axis inputs

I’m trying to figure this one out… I’m splitting the function of a gamepad axis input to drive to different components… basically when I drive the axis positive and then release to then drive negative the Branch node completes this too quickly? it switches between True and False execution before allowing in the other parameters downstream to set to zero…

any clues?


I would try two things:

  1. Use a slightly higher threshold than 0 for activating the positive/negative branch. Say ABS(Axis value) > 0.1, which means the thumbstick has to be moved more than 10% away from the resting position to trigger what follows. Then use the SIGN of the Axis Value to branch to the positive or negative flow.
  2. Use the InputAxis event to simply assign the Axis Value value to a private Axis variable and then process the rest in the Event Tick. This should ensure a frame to frame consistency.


The joystick deflection and Axis Value are be 1:1, so the branch will switch the moment the stick is pushed left. What are you trying to achieve exactly? Are you trying to make the thrust “ease in” to the new value?

Thanks @vr_marco and @ausernottaken … I’ve created an input for Forward and Aft in the settings and use the Thumbstick X axis for both… now I just use a Clamped Range to seperate the -ve and +ve deflections on the stick… This way I avoid a branch node…


Here’s a video of what i’m up to with this system… I’m putting together a Reaction Control System that has 16 thrusters in 3 clusters forward, aft left, and aft right… The auto stabilisation is pretty crude at the moment… but works more or less…