Branch fail to work

Hello, I had been try to set true/false for branch in service for behaviour tree. I can’t find a way for if pawn spawn and set bool to true.

Why I do it? I am try to spilt up the selector and the condition - set/not set… it don’t working as it should be. it was working well in older version and now everything just break up.

what do I aim? I try set ArgoCheck on at all time unless waypoint spawn, set the “move to” behaviour and when arrive the waypoint return to ArgoCheck.

What fail? When I use Get All Actor Of Class, I have to use For Each Loop to break down to single object link to Cast To. in my view that when there are no Waypoint class in game and this service hit the wall in loop. then I try add Branch just before For Each Loop and everything broke down. when I manual set true/false. it went through in each condition, not both.

How can you help me? you can show me how to spilt up the condition or how can I set bool to true/false for this branch that can fix anything.