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I spent two days also and failed to fix the issue. So I deleted the whole engine and install it through Epic Games Launcher. And 4.26.2 version to be safe. Now I will be able to release the game…although I got a few gray hair in the process. :joy:

Indeed it seems like the SDK needs to be upgraded to fix this issue for me. But you may also need to remove the old SDK. For me it kept trying to build with 10.0.16299 even though I had 10.0.20348 installed. So I uninstalled 10.0.16299, then I regenerated the project files and rebuilt. Its happy now!

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I had the WINAPI_PARTITION_GAMES not defined error and now the editor compiles fine.

I did what you just suggested: Install the Windows 10 SDK 10.0.20348.0, and remove any other installed versions. After restarting the PC, follow again the steps to compile the source code from scrath. That means, the project as downloaded from the repository without any extra/temporary file. (I have Visual Studio Community 2019 also updated). Needless to say that I already did the installation of “NuGet Package Manger” through the Visual Studio installer.

I still have compiler errors when building the solution. This is the first one:

[54/115] Module.HeadlessChaos.4_of_5.cpp
C:/Users/Juande/Documents/UnrealEngine/Engine/Source/Programs/HeadlessChaos/Private/HeadlessChaosTestPhysicsScene.cpp(1377): error C2664: ‘void FChaosEngineInterface::CreateActor(const FActorCreationParams &,FPhysicsActorHandle &)’: cannot convert argument 2 from ‘Chaos::TGeometryParticle<float,3> *’ to ‘FPhysicsActorHandle &’
C:\Users\Juande\Documents\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\PhysicsCore\Public\Chaos/ChaosEngineInterface.h(333): note: see declaration of ‘FChaosEngineInterface::CreateActor’
C:/Users/Juande/Documents/UnrealEngine/Engine/Source/Programs/HeadlessChaos/Private/HeadlessChaosTestPhysicsScene.cpp(1395): error C2664: ‘void FChaosScene::AddActorsToScene_AssumesLocked(TArray<FSingleParticlePhysicsProxy *,FDefaultAllocator> &,const bool)’: cannot convert argument 1 from ‘TArray<Chaos::FGeometryParticle *,FDefaultAllocator>’ to ‘TArray<FSingleParticlePhysicsProxy *,FDefaultAllocator> &’
C:\Users\Juande\Documents\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\PhysicsCore\Public\Chaos/ChaosScene.h(108): note: see declaration of ‘FChaosScene::AddActorsToScene_AssumesLocked’

I still have compiler errors when building the solution. This is the first one:

Looks like you now have the same issue with the Chaos stuff that we’re all running into over here.

I was able to build (finally) following all those steps from AnserHub and:
1- For my previous builds i was using Rider then i realized that for 4.27 Rider buil the entire solution.
2- Switch to visual studio 2019, In the Solution Tree right click on UE4 and select as active project.
3- Right click on UE4 again and select Rebuild All.
Then it finish ok.
After this i was able to keep working with my othe projects using rider

in file d3d12.h

Have you even been able to build the Programs\UnrealFileServer project? Or are you just building the main engine’s UE4 solution?

Only UE4

OK thanks. Would you mind trying to build the UnrealFileServer project? I’m curious to see how big of an issue there is with that. I’ve found a couple of people so far who have it.

Im working in a project that needs a dedicated server. The projects started in 4.26, and back then i just click build solution (from Rider) and everything was done, no problem. Then i moved to 4.27 and i had the problems reported about chaos headers, then tried VS build solution and same.
Sadly build the engine takes a lot of time and i cannot experiment much because i must move forward with the project

FYI the HeadlessChaos issue with the new failing physics scene test is fixed in the 4.27 branch (to be released with 4.27.1). If you want to get that early you can pull in the latest from the “4.27” branch.

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