BrainDead Games | Paragon Revised | Looking for C++ Programmers & Blueprinters

Thanks for taking your time on reading this topic!!

But first of all who am I?

I am Philip Ritmeester I am a 20 year old Game & Film Animator employed in the game industry for 2 years now. I have created several rigs for characters, animations and weapon animations. I also do alot of level design. On this project will I be focussing on new animations for the project, levels to play at and making sure everything goes well.

What are we looking for?

As many people know Paragon has been taken down and recently all assets has been released.
I am looking for C++ progammers and Blueprinters who would like to join my development group and together bring Paragon back alive.

Who are you?

You are a skilled Unreal Engine Blueprinter or C++ Programmer.

You have a good understanding of multiplayer programming / blueprinting

You have a avarage to advanced knowledge of Moba development.

You be loyal to the team

You can work in a team

You enjoy your job.

What will we be working on?

We will bring back Paragon in its old glory. For the networking setup will we use Gamesparks what is a good networking solution for these type of games.

For Paragon will we create a new interface but for the rest use all the original assets what are released by the Epic Games Team.

Why recreating Paragon?

Paragon is a game what has been fun to many people and alot of people where crushed by the fact the game got taken down. There was no official reason why the game didn’t worked out as it was taken down for a better focus on Fortnite. Bringing back Paragon will give us a headstart with all models we get, the fans what still love the game and by listening to the community we can make sure the game will be enjoyable for both new and familiar players.

Do I get paid?

Yes you get paid but not upfront. As many game companies do we not have a big budget to get a game going but thanks to all the released assets and upcoming assets will this be the best oppertunity of creating a great concept and game.

When you apply we talk about a hourly payout. During the development you will have to log your hours and as soon the budget is there you will get paid out the hours you made & if possible we setup a contract for you.

How is there going to be a income?

First of all when we have a basic game running and ready for tests we will start a Crowdfunding campaign. This will be focussed on paying the costs for development & server hosting (Gamesparks CPU Payment)

The second focus will be micro transactions in form of skins and special characters for the game.

How to get started?

To apply yourself for the job there are a few things to do.

First of all setup a portfolio of your best work (Systems you created, games you worked on, etc)
Make sure you read the Do I get paid part so you know the payout way.

Post your portfolio with email in a reply on this topic
Send a straight email to:

Anything else I need to know?

No that was all of it!!

Have you received permission from Epic to do this?

No but as the license says It can be used in any form of Unreal Project. (Only for games creates with Unreal Engine)

But there will go a email to Epic Games after the team has been setup.

I also thought about this but in a more open source way. It’d be nice if the community could reboot Paragon in an open source way, like 0 A.D, that way it would never die.

I think you can do whatever you want with those assets, but I doubt they’ll let you use their IP, as in: you can’t name the game “Paragon”. (But who knows, Epic may greenlight it anyway)

There is no way Epic will give you permission to make paragon. you will need to write and create your own full game design derived around the concept of paragon but to steer well clear of IP etc.

Also if a giant like Epic have decided to discontinue with the project there must be a logical reason for them to do so & what chance do you think you have of finishing it…

start with something small and actually achievable for you and your small team if you ever get a team.

In other words you are dreaming man… wake up. unless you have millions of dollars behind you, stay away!