Brain gunk... (burn out)

The constant cycles gets to a poi… … GaahhHHHhhh… to some of us. My usual tactics of switching tasks doesn’t always work and trying to avoid the temptations that come with brain gunk/burn out (i.e. cutting corners or the dreaded “oh it’s good enough”) can become really difficult.

Any tips?

Take a nap - You will wake up rejuvinated and possibly want to work on your project again. :slight_smile:

That is how I usually cope with being burned out :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile: have done that before, so far gone that i forgot to sleep

Yes, sleeping is one of the most releasing things here. And sometimes you even wake up
with the solution to a problem in your head. If you can’t stand concentrating anymore, you
will only hurt yourself. Take a nap, watch some TV or just play a Game.

Definitely stepping away from the old 'puter every now and then. Does the trick. Take a walk, go for a bike ride, anything but remaining seated in front of a monitor.

+1 on this, if it’s really bad take a week off… Shut your mind off and let it repair.

Definitely +1, I REALLY appreciate all your responses :smiley: I was tired of being tired and wanted to get things done, didn’t work… so again, Thanks!!!

Here’s Four.

  1. Narrow your focus: you may be thinking of too many things at once.

  2. Take a walk or exercise: blood flow is never bad

  3. Deal with a distraction: you may be worrying about something else so go deal with it

  4. Change your work place: nothing like working outside, or in a new room to calm down your brain

Good luck and never give up,

~ Jason

For me, the most important thing is to have a clear, **achievable **goal in front of me. A step I need to take next. If you don’t have a clear picture then you become distracted and demoralized by the sheer amount of work you have to do. Always focus on one thing at a time and have the perfect understanding of your next step.

And of course, perfectionism is your greatest enemy. You need to learn how to get things to the ‘good enough’ level first. Always! Don’t try to polish ‘this one little feature’ all the way.

I completely understand the feeling and the suggestions here are awesome! One thing that I use to help keep me going if I hit that burnt out feeling is to make myself laugh. Just find something funny and laugh for a few minutes, it instantly makes me feel better. I can’t promise it will help but it does work for me!

Google InfoWars Life. This is not a paid ad, I genuinely have tried a few of their products and it definitely clears out a lot of “brain fog” issues.