BPTry Multi Use not Replicating Static Mesh Changes

Hey guys, I’m trying to set the visibility of a Static Mesh Component using the radial interface system.

Inside of BPTry Multi Use, the replication is working, as it’s spawning in items when I run as Dedicated Server. However, Static Mesh changes are not being processed.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this isn’t working? I have set “Replicates” to on inside the structure settings and it’s working perfectly on single-player, so it’s definitely a replication issue.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

try to use a custom event with multicast to set visibility

I’ll give that a try now. I did think of that, but I didn’t think it would work since the blueprints are already in a replicated function.

Thanks for the reply!

I don’t think the replication checkbox does the same thing as one might think. And yes, as dubCUT said, do it from a multicast event and it will work.

You guys are legends; the custom event with mutlicast worked (I was using Run on Server before).

The only extra thing I had to do is turn reliable on under the custom event.

Thanks again!

i have a mod where changing the particles don’t work in game. even with multicast. although it works in ADK dedicated settings… do you think i should try “reliable” too. what does that?

Reliable - The function is replicated over the network, and is guaranteed to arrive regardless of bandwidth or network errors.
Are you sure the particle system you used is in the game itself and not one of the devkit only items? That would also cause it not to show. I’ve made a lot of custom events and have only had to use the reliable check once and I forget why.

Also “if” you are using an event key press then you also need to set a “run on server” —> “Multicast” as for “reliable” it does not hurt to have it checked. As P0ker stated ensure the particle is referenced to a BP already in the main game, if not, that is surely is your issue.