BP's take much space on drive

I have level map in witch i have small bp that calculate 3 variables at the end of game. And if variable is true Struct is set to true like in image.
So what is the problem.

After finishing the game i started optimizing game. And i noticed that my maps take more than 0,5 mb. But the levels them self’s are almost empty.
So i tested and determined that bps in level map takes more than 0,4 mb. When i take same logic and put it in my spawners bp and than get that same logic from spawner to level bp it does not take any space.
So what is the best way with this if i need to calculate for example how many enemys player have killed should i put the logic anywhere else just not in level BP?

“how many enemys player have killed” should that not just be a counter on the player?
is it more then 1 player? Is that why it’s handled on the map?

Off topic, but it bothers me too much. :stuck_out_tongue: If these are structs, than you should definitely use *Set Member in Struct *rather than create blueprint spaghetti extravaganza. Why update 150 variables when you can update 3?

It is 1 player
It is somewhere 70 to 120 enemies.

And the counting itself is on Players BP. But the code in image makes summary in particular level.
On different level or map there is different enemy count and possibly different enemy kill count.

But my question is about the structs. And is it bad if i make any BPs in Level BP?

Holly spaghetti. I didnt know that this exists. I am not pro at unreal mby this will solve all my problems.

I just posted this, have a look towards the bottom:

When it comes to space taken, is 0.5 MB a lot these days?

Its a mobile game and after all calculations it is 24 mb wasted.

But thank you so much! This resolves my problem.

The problem with thinking otherwise (aside from mobile integration) is that thinking otherwise has left us with 80GB for a game since the devs can’t be bothered compressing things…