BPNotify not working on server

Hey there,

I have some trouble using BPNotify events in my Ice Mod.
My mod re-calculates the spoilage multiplicators for different item classes in the inventory of some new storage boxes depending on the amount of ice stored in this inventory.

To do this, I use a parent blueprint “PrimalInventoryBP_IsolatedStorageBase”. Inventories for the storage items are based on this parent.
The parent inventory has all “Use BPNotify…” boxes checked and uses for example the graph below for BPNotifyItemAdded.

Inside the devkit and in singleplayer / non-dedicated mode it works fine.
But as soon as you use this mod on a server, it seems, these functions are never executed.
I created a fresh server using only this mod. Not only the spoilage times are not calculated, also my calls for InventoryNameOverride don’t change the InventoryNameOverride.

Do you have any idea, why a BPNotify event works fine in singleplayer but not in a dedicated server session?


So, no one got an idea on the background of this problem?
No one ever tried to use these BPNotify events in inventories?

works in single player?

Do you use a dedicated server in the dev kit? I have a feature in my mod that hides engrams, so it’s kind of like what you’re doing (modifying an array based on certain conditions). I’m not ready to push it to my dedicated server for testing, but it works in the dev kit’s dedicated server mode, which crashes me for not being the host sometimes. I’m using Event InventoryAccessed, and it works fine. You should try using Event BPNotify ItemAdded, and see if you have any luck there.