BPI works on Character but not on Actor


I’m fooling around with Blueprint Interfaces just for learning. But I’ve stumbled upon a problem that I don’t understand.

What I want to do is pretty basic. If my character has less or equal to 50% health while entering a certain Trigger Box, a cube will be replaced with some sparks.

Above you see the Cube Blueprint and the Trigger Box. This does not work. When I enter the Trigger Box I can see the nodes flowing in the Trigger Box Blueprint, but nothing is happening in the Cube Blueprint.

This simple debug however, works perfectly fine. This is from my Character Blueprint.

What am I doing wrong?

Check your collision settings, make sure generate overlap events is on. Use collision volumes instead of actor collision also.

Thanks for your answer!

Generate overlap event is checked. I tried using a trigger volume instead but with the same results. The BPI only works with my character.

So I’ve figured it out. A rookie mistake really.

In the second picture, from the BeginOverlap Event the other actor (my character) is set as the target to the BPI. So that’s why it’s only working on my character :).