I’m having trouble calling these events.

I’ve added a structure with a custom inventory and everything works fine. When you open the structure, the inventory is properly modded with a custom name/description at the top. However, in PrimalInventoryBP_MyItem, the two events in question are never called upon. I can craft something successfully and the finished notification also doesn’t fire. Is there something I’m missing?

Alternatively, can I grab variables from the inventory on the graph in the structure? I tried casting to that class, but nothing’s turned up.



Answer to number 1: In PrimalInventoryBP_MyItem, enable BPAccess Handle Inventory. PrimalItemStructure_MyItem contains BPNotify Crafting Finished, but enabling it doesn’t allow it to be utilized in the Inventory. You have to enable BPNotify Crafting Finished in every single resource blueprint that you want to throw that event in the inventory.