BP_Sky_Sphere reset?

My problem seems to simple and trivial, yet I’ve not been able to find any solution.

Is there a way to reset the parameters (properties) of the BP_Sky_Sphere (without uninstalling and reinstalling UE4.8)?

I noticed that my clouds had stopped moving (at least in the editor), using the default blank new project with starter content.

I was looking through the properties after clicking the “edit BP_Sky_Sphere” hyperlink and changed the “cloud speed” setting. That didn’t seem to make any difference, so I clicked on “compile”. Once again, nothing happened, until I “played” the level.

However, I now seem to have modified the engines primary BP_Sky_Sphere by clicking on compile, as those settings come up in new default levels created, (or when I delete it, and re-insert it from the game engine folder into an existing scene). Is there a way to reset all the settings to its default; as I might have accidentally clicked on something and screwed things up–like the fact that the clouds no longer move in the editor (unless played). Though I’ve noticed that they do move during the brief moments of adjusting the perspectives view angle virtual camera.