BP_Sky_Sphere problems.

I’m new to Unreal Engine 4, on my last project I was messing around with the sky sphere settings to get the look I wanted, I was trying to make apurple, alien-like sky, and I couldn’t get what I wanted so I started tweaking the BP_Sky_Sphere Default curves until I was satisfied with what I wanted. Now, my issue is that whenever I start a new project, the sky sphere has my previous curve settings on that blueprint sky sphere, and I don’t know how to fix it or revert it back to normal.

First, enable engine content in the editor, locate the skysphere folder and duplicate into you project’s Content folder to save a copy for the other project.
(Then you’ll need to edit that project and utilize the copy).

After you have the backup you can then Verify Engine Content from the UNREAL Launcher (same place you install the engine. Drop down and verify the files).
This will reacquire all the standard files (including the skysphere) and overwrite stuff.

Again. Make sure you have a copy or your other project will end up with the default sky as well.

Umm, ok so at this point I don’t care if my other project goes back to the default sky, I sorta understand the process you are telling me… but I don’t know exactly how to go about it, I kinda don’t know what you mean by enabling engine content in the editor, and I do apologize, please note that I am a complete newbie at this whole thing.

ok ok ok, i just found it, I believe the folder you are asking me to duplicate is “engine sky” in the engine content?