BP_Character stuck and need assistance

Hi all, for starters, I am very new at this and working on programming for school. I have a few questions and I will apologize first off for that fact that they are going to sound simplistic and easy for most to be able to get right away. I am running UE4.12.5 and have a school project requiring me to set up a blueprint for a character (which I have but am now stuck at the next step) - now I am supposed to go to Assets and click on SK_Mannequin for skeletal mesh. However, I do not see this Assets tab/window/button/whathaveyou that offers up the option of skeletal mesh. I am in the BP_Character window and not seeing where it is I am supposed to go to click for skeletal mesh without completely going crazy. Is it because I am running a newer engine and this is done automatically? Or am I just completely overthinking things? I have a tutorial that shows (for the most part) step by step but right now I am at my wits end on trying to find the Assets and SK_Mannequin.

Any help and guidance is greatly appreciated!
Thank you,