BP Widget issues

I have a BP trigger cylinder which covers a shoe stand. When the player overlaps BP Trigger, they are frozen in place and the mouse cursor becomes available. This is done to give the player the option to choose shoes on the stand. My problem is I want a I widget Menu to appear with an exit button when the player triggers the cylinder as well, so when the player wants to exit and move around again they click on exit button, but I dont know how to code this. The Trigger BP has all the code for the player to be frozen and mouse cursor to appear, but now I also have a Widget menu appear so player can press exit, I dont know how to mix Trigger BP with the widget menu, so when then Player presses Exit on widget menu the mouse will disappear and player becomes unfrozen. Should I do all this code in either the Trigger BP or Widget Menu BP. Very confused as my BP skills suck. Please see below my BP for Trigger BP. Please note I also added Activate 1st person Camera and deactivate 3rd person camera so if player is in 3rd person they are taken into first person camera to view stand.

Please also note at the moment I have coded the right mouse button so player can exit, but would rather have a widget menu with exit button, easier UI for new players.