BP vs ABP values

I can get velocity in a normal blueprint and display with with a text renderer to test that it works

But when i try to get velocity or anything else from my character inside an animation blueprint, nothing works.

I’ve tried multiple ways of getting actor/pawn/components, none of them work.

How do I get values inside an ABP?

Here’s some debug stuff - http://i.imgur.com/U6ridPz.png

Everything is outputting None, thats probably why all the ‘GetVelocity’ stuff is broken

Why is it doing this?

Hey Taisaku,

Where does anim Blueprint stop before Set Speed node? Try playing with anim BP open and watching it with debug filter set to player, and see where it stops running, please.

(sorry tagged BP and ABP on wrong images) It never hits breakpoint, but it does not stop early, it simply goes to other ‘set speed’ node with bad values. When i put a watch on values coming out of ‘TryGetPawnOwner’ they always come out null. I have tried putting them behind an ‘isValid’ and various casts and nothing helps.

I asked 2 of same question without realising, this question should be closed as a duplicate of: