BP variables animation in Sequencer

I have the lift (this is not a skeletal mesh, but a simple blueprint, actor BP):

All 4 lift’s paws raised by one variable, which I made open to the sequencer (i.e. I can animate this variable and elevate the lift, but it’s not working in Sequencer):

How to improve BP (what should I add in Event Graph) to make this variable work in the sequencer?

I was able to do this animation without variables. In the sequencer I added certain lift’s elements and add Transform tracks. it is simple and clear. everything works, but it took a lot of tracks (4 for each lift’s paws) and not very convenient. Maybe someone already did the animation in the sequencer with variables or can point me to a tutorial?


Hey there, if you select the variable you want to animate in the blueprint, and toggle the “Expose to Cinematics” checkbox, it should now show up on that actor/component’s “+ Track” list:


@RG2189 Did you ever found a solution? I’m having the same issue, it doesn’t seem to update the construction script…
@BrɑκеPɑd, he already did if he can add keys in the sequencer. I think it’s a bug.

Looking at the source of the CameraRig_Rail for instance, they use hidden functions: PostEditChangeProperty, PostEditUndo, and PostEditMode

It does work in C++