BP to Code Symmetricity.

What do you guys think of having each BP Node a corresponding line of code in c++? With same name and parameter input/output. That way the more I know BP, the more I can understand code.

That’s essentially how it works. Blueprint nodes are generally just C++ functions exposed to the Blueprint system, except Blueprint nodes have friendly names which are sometimes different than the corresponding C++ function.

sorry to hijack this thread, this is why i cant find them in the source
where are the blueprint nodes located in the source?


They are just functions defined in classes like Actor, etc. The easiest way to find them is probably to search for the UFUNCTION keywords that expose them to the Blueprints system: BlueprintCallable, BlueprintPure, etc.

Also, the friendly names are either explicitly defined in the UFUNCTION() macro or they are the name of the function with spaces inserted before each uppercase letter.

in Actor and stuff, ok, thank you very much
i was looking for individual classes for nodes, now i know, ta :slight_smile:

If you have source code downloaded, you can also right-click on a node and select “Goto Code Definition”, which will show you the C++ definition of the function or variable.

Michael Noland

thats awesome, very handy
thanks michael