BP to Clear Texture Pool Cache

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I’m looking for a way to clear the Texture Streaming Pool / Cache between maps, ideally not having to use the console but Blueprints.

I’m developing a texture-heavy game and trying to find ways to manage the Texture Pool. Any advice/recommendations would be appreciated.

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I was able to resolve this issue on my own using Blueprint command ‘Execute Console Command’.

This can be marked as resolved.

Hello , can you share the console command for clearing texture streaming pool/cached textures between levels?

I’ve got the exact same problem and would really like to know. I tested a lot of the console commands recommended in the documentation for texture-streaming but the data still seems to be present and crashes the editor. I tried to use sub-levels to handle the massive data from thousands of textures but if I open a new level the preloaded texture data still remains and eats my RAM etc. I’d be very thankful for a reply!

I downvoted this answer just because it is one of the many occasions where the OP posts a “nm, found a way to do it” without explanations