BP Structs Unstable in 4.14

Even more so than any other previous version.

Setting members has been crashing the engine and then resetting all members to 0, especially true when hitting Control-S to SAVE. I guess that could probably be the real culprit there. No idea, I just know I am finding it more and more annoying.

You have at least 10 reports sent from my to verify.

Thanks for your time.

http://pastebin.com/FExxufak hmmmmmmmmmm

So, just changing the value inside set members is also a cause now. But I can’t get 100% reproduction on this. But it’s caused two crashes.

Hey -

Can you provide your machine ID to help me search for the reports you’re submitted. Additionally, if you’re able to reproduce the crash, can you provide the setup steps to help me test the issue locally?

It’s the most random and frustrating bug I’ve ever encountered since using UE4 tbh. I’ve never had so many CTDs in my life.

And it’s still going on. I have other issues now too, structs are getting disconnected for no reason. I am awaiting my other bug report to get approved for whatever reason, but here’s the gif, and when I compile after reconnecting, it’s fine.

So, no idea what you guys did over the last release with structs, they’ve been unstable for over 5 releases, and just seem to be getting worse.


My screen when ever looking into unreal just keeps lagging, is that a personal issue of a weather issue because it is and snowing

Hey -

Thank you for providing your machine ID. In regard to the crash you are receiving, I was able to find where this issue has been reported and appears to be fixed for 4.15: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-38486) . You can try using the 4.15 branch from GitHub (https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/tree/4.15) to see if the crash occurs there for you. If you are still getting this crash after the final 4.15 release, feel free to respond here to reopen this post for further investigation.