BP : String with accent, how to encode?

What format is the file you’re importing, how is it encoded, and what code are you using to load the file?

Also, are you aware that we already have a localisation solution built into the Engine using the LOCTEXT/NSLOCTEXT macros, and FText properties?


i’m making my translation system with some excel sheets and i need to import text with accent ( for french language ) like : créer ( create )

accent char are imported and replaced by ‘?’ and i don’t know how to get my accent back :confused: .
These text are for my hud stuff.

Is there a way to encode or format string for this kind of char ?

Okay so, i’m the bug !

I just need to re-open the csv file and re save it with UTF8 format. you make me realise that i can change the format… i’m sorry, i’m not confortable with this kind of stuff.

Thx anyway :), you can delete this thread and sorry for your time.

Glad you sorted it, I thought it might be something like that :slight_smile:

I’ll leave this here for reference for anyone else.

Also, here’s some information on using our localisation system. You may want to read the second link first, it’s a bit more user friendly than the technical documentation.

If you’re BP only, you’d just need to use a “Text” property (rather than a “String” property) for any user-facing text that needs to be translated. These would then be gathered by our localisation commandlet into a PO file that can be used with several translation editors, or online translation services (we use OneSky at Epic).

I just read these links and Localization seems to be really powerfull !!

I’m not sure to understand the situation, you said that i just need to create Text variable instead of String for my user interface and unreal automatically gather all these Text in a file ? Haha :smiley: really “epic” !

i don’t have time to change my actual project but i will implement it next time :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s right.

As far as I know, you should be able to change an existing string property to be a text property without losing any data (if you do try this, please make sure you have a backup of your project first!).