BP start recording sequence in 4.17

Hi folks,

I have a short question: I have upgraded my project from 4.14 to 4.17 and now my “start recording sequence” nodes in my script can’t compile.
Are those nodes deleted in the new version? Is there an other way to record actors in runtime?


Yeah, it seems it is not available anymore in 4.17

Can you try executing the console command: “RecordSequence”. Arguments are:


actor [actorLabel]

class [actorClass]

For example: “RecordSequence actor CineCameraActor1”

To execute a console command use the node “Execute Console Command”. More information about this node is available here: Execute Console Command | Unreal Engine Documentation

oh thanks, I will test it out tomorrow, I hope this works, otherwise I will need to stick to the older version :confused:

Hi,I want to record multiply actor,can you please help me? I try to separate them by space or comma,but failed.

Hi,I want to record multiply actor in run time,I try to speparate actors name by space or comma,it dosen’t work. Can you please help me?

Hi,Unzkiled,I want to record multiply actor in run time,class always works good,but actor just successed with first one. Can you please help me?

would also like to know :slight_smile: