BP Splines with Multiple (rabdom) static mesh

Hi, I’m using the Dokipen tutorial on BP splines
It works great but I’d like to have more than 1 static mesh spreading randomly along the spline;
Unfortunately I’m not very good with nodes, can someone help?

Here’s my BP node setup:

Well, I’m not sure since I didn’t see this tutorial, yet your script seems pretty simple, so let me try something.
Im my idea, you should just add a little randompicker right before the last node “set static mesh”. Let’s say you want a radom mesh amongst a list of 5 possible ones, then you just create a random int between one and five, plug the result into a “switch on int” node, and set a different static mesh on every possible results.
Sounds good ? try it and let me know if it works unless you have a better answer in the meantime.

Just create an array of your static meshes and do a random int in range of 0-last index and set that to be your selected mesh. If you want to do weighted randoms (50% chance for 1 mesh, 10% chance for another) then that is a different story.

Thanks guys, sorry for the lare reply, I just have seen today… Both of your replies sounds really good to me, I’m gonna try and let you know what happens,

I am trying to create different static mesh at different point. But it is only work on one point.