BP Spawn Destructible Mesh


Objective: Bubbles (destructible mesh) popping when hitting static objects

Question: I have a BP setup that randomly spawns bubbles (static meshes) into the level. I want to replace the static meshes with new destructible meshes I have created - i.e. so that the bubbles will pop when they hit other static objects.

I think I will need to put together a new BP based around destructible mesh spawning, however I can’t seem to crack the nut here. It isn’t as straightforward as replacing a static mesh with a destructible mesh.

Thank you for you help.

It’s a different type of component. You can have an actor own a static mesh component and / or a destructive mesh component. These component can be added in the editor or create dynamically.

  • enable the Apex Destruction plugin if you have not done so already
  • right click in the Content Browser on a static mesh to create a destructible
  • fracture it
  • you can now Add Destructible Component via a script
  • don’t forget to select the above node and set its destructible mesh to what you created in the Content Browser

Your answer seems to be right so I am marking it as so. I still haven’t quite constructed the Blueprint for it. I can’t get the add destructible component and destructible mesh object reference to string together in same way I have the static mesh setup. This is my unknown. Thank you Everynone. By chance have you seen any tutorials or BP examples floating around the internet in reference to random physics firing of destructible meshes?