BP SkySphere Missing?

I’m on 4.13 and I can not find the BPSkySphere. I noticed “AtmosphericFog creates a skydome, but I can not update the position of the sun. It used to be in the “Update Material” on the BP_Sky_Sphere”, but that is gone. How do I update my Sun position?

The Default Sky Sphere is included inside of the Engine content, to enable this open up view options inside of the content browser and select ‘Show Engine Content’, from here you should be able to search for the BP inside of the Modes Panel or by searching for inside of the Engine Content Folder> EngineSky.

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Hi, I ve got the same probleme, I had a save issue with it, UE told me that it failed to save and even if I pressed retry it didn’t work so I’ve pressed continue, now when i start a new project, it’s missing, how can I repair it?

Create new project, add the BP_Sky_Sphere to the level, save the level. migrate the level to the project you want. The level will migrate the BP_Sky_Sphere, if you try to migrate the BP_Sky_Sphere you will fail because it is not possible to migrate engine content directly.