BP Scene Component and ConstructionScrip

Is it possible somehow to use Construction Script in Scene Component created using Blueprints?

You can give your Scene Component an Custom Event that will act like a Construction Script call.

In the Actor you attach your Scene Component to, get the reference to it an simply call the Custom Event Constructor in the Construction script of your Actor.

Thanks for you answer. But I am trying to use Constuction Script for correct in-editor Viewport display of my character. And looks like such trick not works in this case.

Issue were related to SpawnActor.

Im not entirely sure what you mean. Could you explain in a different way? Perhaps with a drawing or something else?

Did you manage to find a solution to your question?

Yes, basically issue was related to some internal logic of scene component - it spawns actor in world. But of course such actor will not be visible into Vieport in editor.

That is good to hear, could you mark this as correct or convert your comment to a new answer and mark that as correct to close this ticket.

Thank you.